Ball Wrench

Allwrencher- Multi-size Ball Smart Wrench

Ultra compact tool for DIY enthusiasts

Ball wrench – 8 sockets that tightens and loosens 28 different sizes of fasteners including metrics, imperials, star Tx, and spline

  • hand-held wrench in a compact form
  • small size for easy storage
  • ergonomic design allows for easy use in hand
  • fits SAE, METRIC and these fasteners: Spline, E-Torx, bolt, square, and damaged.
  1. Metrics – 8mm. 10mm. 11mm. 13mm. 14mm. 16mm. 17mm
  2. SAE – 5/16”. 3/8”. 7/16”. 1/2”. 9/16”. 5/8”. 11/16”
  3. E-Torx –  E10. E12. E14. E16. E18. E20. E22
  4. Spline – M10. M12. M14. M16. M18. E20. M22
  5. 1/4″ screwdriver bits insert
  • chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength and durability
  • worldwide patents obtained

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